The purpose of Life City Church is to glorify God by carrying out the Great Commission, bringing the lost to Christ and discipling the church. We teach God’s Word the Bible to the church in order to prepare the church for worship, prayer, spiritual growth, and fellowship; and also to minister to those who we encounter.


Life City Church began as Templo Aposento Alto in Houston in the year 1969. After 3 years, the church occupied a small room in another church building. Many people came to get to know the Lord during this time, and in 1972 the church purchased a building on Lilian Street. As God continued to bless the church, the church sold that building on Lillian and purchased our current property in 1996 on West Mount Houston Rd, where our sanctuary currently seats 600 people.


The blessings of God have continued to flow as we prepare to expand our current facilities in order to build a much bigger facility to accommodate more families.

The church as grown to the point where the church as required multiple services and diverse ministries as it ministers today in both English and Spanish. Both Templo Aposento Alto (our Spanish congregation) and Life City Church co-exist as a church that is dedicated to saving lives in all of Houston. We invite you to come visit any one of our services.